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Welcome to TagSaleAuction.com

TagSaleAuction.com is an online platform for professional estate sale auctions and downsizing liquidations. At TagSaleAuction.com, we will provide you with a platform to reach a national audience as well as simple software to allow you to create lot type auctions. We’re dedicated to providing you the best of Online Estate Sale Auctions and Downsizing Liquidations, with a focus on dependability and an amazing experience. Our goal is to build a fantastic user experience and provide you with a platform that allows you to liquidate the entire contents of a home in a simple and straightforward manner. Our objective is to make selling a huge amount of contents simple, fast and fun for sellers, by connecting them with a broad network of active and interested buyers. We will pride ourselves on providing the greatest customer service and in delivering a platform that our sellers and bidders enjoy and adore. We’re working to turn our passion for online estate sale auctions and downsizing liquidations into a booming online website. We take pleasure in offering these services to you and hope you find them useful.